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Auto Accident Tips

After the Auto Accident

First, check to see if each person involved in the accident is hurt and immediately call the police. Call and ambulance if necessary. 

Have your personal and car information ready to give to the police.

If you are injured seek treatment immediately and continue to treat if recommended by the doctor.

Get information from the passengers in your car and the other car(s).  You need to obtain the name, address, the telephone of each person. 

Before a witness leaves are sure to obtain their name, address, and telephone numbers. 

If you have a camera take pictures of your car and your injuries and the injuries of the passengers in your car.

If you do not have a camera be sure to get an accurate account of the accident and injuries to the police officer that arrives at the sense of the accident.

Obtain the Police Report as soon as it is available and contact The Law Offices Of Joseph A. Maniscalco, Jr. P.C.


The person who caused the accident is responsible for paying for your treatment. Your insurance carrier will also be involved in paying your medical claims in some cases. It is important to identify any medical problems that may have been caused by the accident as soon as possible. 

You can use your own doctor for treatment.  The insurance company will not pick one for you.

Keep a record of the times you miss from work, even if you still get paid because you used your sick time or vacation time.  Keep track of the amount of money you lose by not being able to work.  All this time you cannot work has to be paid for by the person who caused the accident. 

If you are injured from an Auto Accident Call The Law Offices of Joseph A. Maniscalco, Jr. PC. and provide the police report.  An expertise attorney will review your information to see if they can help you with your claim. 

Talk with your attorney about any bills related to the accident. 

You are entitled to "be made whole," which is legal language for your right to be put back in the same position after the settlement as you were in immediately before the accident.

You will get the amount of money necessary to repair your car unless the repairs exceed the value of the car in which case the insurance company may opt to declare the car as a total loss. You would then be offered the amount the car was worth, based on industry price-setting guides, and the car would not be repaired.

You are entitled to be fully compensated for your injures. 

Sometimes a lawsuit is the only option when the insurance company offers an unfair settlement amount. 

Your attorney can advise you but it is your claim and your injury so you have to make the final decision of whether you would like to settle or go to trial.  

If you are unhappy with your current attorney. Call The Law Offices of Joseph A. Maniscalco, Jr. PC and our attorneys will be happy to review your claim. 


Liability- protection for the person or property that you unintentionally damage when driving your car.

Collision- pays for damage to your car whether caused by you or someone else who cannot be found.

Comprehensive-pays for fire, theft, or vandalism of your car and contents.

Medical Payment- covers the medical expense for anyone in your car

Uninsured Motorist- pays if the driver at fault is not insured

Underinsured Motorist-pays your expenses above the amount the other driver's insurance covers. 


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