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What You Need


Obtain the vehicle accident report number from the police officer and provide that to us at the first opportunity so we can obtain the police report.

At the accident scene, if possible, take photographs of your vehicle and the other vehicle. If you are unable to do this due to your injuries, have photographs taken of your vehicle by a relative or friend.

Please send photos of your car damages and visible injuries (you may e-mail photos of this type only).

Please email a copy of the front and back of your health insurance card (if applicable). If you send a photo, please be sure we can read all information.

Please email a copy of the front and back of your auto insurance card.  If you do not own an automobile or have auto insurance, please provide us with the auto card of any relative that you live with.  Georgia law allows you to use insurance of any resident relative that you live with who does have auto insurance.

Please email copies of the bills to our office immediately upon receipt (404-351-3233).  No photos are acceptable.  Very important if you have health insurance!!!

Please be sure all medical providers have your health insurance information (if applicable).  If the medical provider states that they are not billing health insurance because your injury was the result of an auto accident, please submit bills to your health insurance on your own.  This pertains mostly to the hospital, radiology and emergency room doctor.  If you do not submit your bills to your health insurer on your own (we are unable to do this for you), the medical provider will be paid out of the proceeds of your settlement and you will have less money in your pocket!!!

If you do not have health insurance, please make payment arrangements with your medical provider to make small monthly payments of $25/month to keep your account out of collections and to avoid ruining your credit rating.

Let our office know if any of your doctors refer you for diagnostic testing such as MRI, the name of the MRI facility, address and telephone number.

Please notify our office of any changes to your address, phone or e-mail.

Please notify our office any time you see a new medical provider and when you are released from treatment.  Additionally, do not quit treatment until you are released from your medical provider.  If you need to quit, please contact our office first.  Quitting treatment before release may devalue your claim.  We will request copies of records upon your release.

Communications:  Please be sure your voice mail is not full on your phone and you check for text or e-mail communications.  It is imperative that we are able to contact you throughout the duration of your claim. 

Please sign and return via fax (404-351-3233) or email the enclosed medical releases that require a handwritten signature as some providers will not accept electronic signatures for medical records.

Thank you for your co-operation.  We look forward to representing you.



Do not talk to anyone about your on-the-job accident except one of the lawyers or assistants in our office.  You should always request identification so that you are sure who you are talking to.  Do not talk to the insurance company or to any lawyers hired by the insurance company without notifying us first.


You should return to each of your doctors as often as necessary and should always tell them all of your complaints.  If you see any additional doctors, be sure we are advised immediately of their names, addresses and telephone numbers.  Do your best to keep all doctor's appointments.  If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment, call the doctor's office as soon as possible to reschedule.  Failure to keep doctor's appointments could jeopardize the outcome of your case.  Notify us immediately if your doctor releases you to return to work (with or without restrictions).


Please keep a daily or weekly record of your complaints and progress concerning your on-the-job injury.  This can be very helpful when, a year later, you are called upon to relate your pain and difficulties.  Please let us know if there is a serious change in condition, such as your admission to the hospital.


Please keep accurate records of all weekly checks.  Record the dates the checks are to cover you along with the check number.  This will enable us to know exactly which check(s) are missing if you feel the insurance company has not paid you in full.  Notify us immediately if your checks are stopped or if they are more than one week late.  Keep any papers sent to you by the insurance company.


If you obtain medical bills, keep duplicate copies of all medical, hospital and drug bills and send these bills to us so that we can submit them to the insurance company for payment.  Your medical bills and prescription bills that are related to your injury at your employer are compensable by the workers' compensation insurer.  Provide you pharmacy and/or doctor with you workers' compensation claim number and adjuster.  If you have any problems, please contact this office.  Keep an accurate record of mileage incurred for trips from your home to the doctor's office or the hospital.  Please be sure your mileage is accurate, as the insurance company will check it.  Submit these records to us monthly so we can request reimbursement for your travel expenses (see mileage form attached).  Also, contact us keep records of any other expenses you may have in connection with your disability, such as hiring extra help.  Obtain receipts for all bills.  YOU MUST SUBMIT ALL OUT-OF-POCKET MEDICAL BILLS (INCLUDING MILEAGE, PER DIEM, ETC.) FOR REIMBURSEMENT TO THE WORKERS' COMPENSATION INSURANCE COMPANY (OR SELF-INSURED EMPLOYER) WITHIN ONE YEAR FROM THE DATE THE MEDICAL TREATMENT, OR OTHER MEDICAL SERVICE, WAS PROVIDED.


If requested, furnish to us immediately the correct names, addresses and telephone numbers of any and all witnesses to your accident that you may learn of.


We will probably not contact you until we have something definite to report.  We will be contacting you for depositions, answers to interrogatories, and when your case goes to a hearing, which may be in excess of one year from the time your claim is filed.  If you have any specific questions in regard to these instructions or any other matters, please feel free to call or write us.


Be sure to keep us advised of any change in your address or telephone number.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.  We cannot continue working on a case if we cannot contact you.


If something significant happens regarding your work status, please let us know.  If you believe your doctor has released you to work, do not go back until you speak to us first.  The workers' compensation carrier must file certain documents and your employer must get a specific job release approved by your doctor in most cases to be a valid return to work.  However, if you start working again, stop working or are terminated, we need to know.  If you return to work, we need to know the name of the company and your weekly gross wages.


In addition to Workmen's Compensation, there are may be a number of other possible legal actions that might possibly be available to you.  At the current time, we have only accepted your workers' compensation case.  We do not represent you for any other legal action.  If you feel that you may have any other type of legal matter that you wish us to pursue, please bring that to our attention immediately.


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