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Questions for a Personal Injury Lawyer

How much is my personal injury claim worth?

Each personal injury claim is different. Some personal injury claims can be settled for a fair amount of money damages, but some cases must be filed in Court requesting a jury verdict to be resolved for a fair and reasonable amount. Generally, the worse your physical injuries and greater your financial loss, the greater the value of your personal injury claim.  However, the estimated value of your case may be lower if proving the defendant's negligence under your fact pattern is more difficult.

During your free initial consultation at Maniscalco Law, you will discuss the facts of your personal injury claim with a skilled and experienced accident injury lawyer.  

How can I recover financial compensation (money damages) for my personal injury claim?

In order to recover financial compensation for your personal injuries caused by another's negligence, you (i.e., a plaintiff) must prove:

  1. The defendant owed a duty to you (for example, to drive a reasonable speed under the prevailing road conditions)
  2. The defendant breached that legal duty owed to you (for example, defendant was speeding)
  3. That the defendant's breach of duty legally caused your injuries (physical injuries, which include pain and suffering, permanent impairment, etc., and financial loss, which include wages, lost profits, medical bills, car repairs, etc.)
  4. Your claim for damages resulting from another's negligence must also be filed in the appropriate Georgia Court within Georgia's statute of limitations.  If you fail to file your claim within the applicable statute of limitations, your claim will dismissed by the Court and lost.

Proving negligence to recover money damages for your personal injuries requires the careful and thoughtful application of the case facts to the law, and a detailed knowledge of the Georgia Court system including the judges within the system. Marshaling all forms of evidence, including lay and expert witnesses, documents, and physical evidence to prove your case to a jury is a must. Having a skilled and experienced personal injury lawyer and legal team is essential to your success in recovering the maximum amount of money for your personal injuries.  With Maniscalco Law, you will have an accident attorney with a proven record of success in getting maximum recovery and client satisfaction.  See our reviews.

Do I have to go to court for my personal injury claim?

In many cases, a settlement can be reached long before a court date is needed. However, in order to reach a settlement for the compensation you need, it is a good idea to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawyer will handle your personal injury claim for you and work with the insurance company to reach a settlement that pays for your medical bills and gets you financial compensation for your pain and suffering.

Hiring Maniscalco Law to represent you to recover money damages for your personal injuries will also increase your chances of getting a great settlement without having to file a lawsuit and go to Court.  Filing a lawsuit is sometimes necessary when the insurance company or self-insured corporation makes a low-ball offer. Having an experienced and skilled Georgia Accident Attorney increases your chances of obtaining the medical treatment you need and getting a great settlement that pays you money damages for your pain and suffering and for your medical bills.  We do all the work, so you can heal from your injuries without having the added stress and anxiety of worrying who will pay for your medical treatment and other financial loss.  Our 30 years of experience in representing Georgians suffering from personal injuries caused by another's negligence gives you the peace of mind that you will receive accurate and detailed guidance regarding which doctors, physicians and medical professionals are best skilled to treat your injuries.  Rest assure you will be in good hands with Maniscalco Law.  See our reviews.

Can I file my personal injury claim any time after my injury occurs?

No. Each state has a statute of limitations that dictates the length of time you have to file your personal injury claim. Some states have a longer statute of limitations than others, and differing claims can have different filing time periods. If you have a personal injury claim, bring it to an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. During your initial consultation, you will be informed of the amount of time you have to file, as well as how much compensation you may be able to recover.

Why do I need a personal injury lawyer to handle my personal injury claim?

There are many reasons to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer to handle your claim. First, an experienced personal injury lawyer will be skilled at handling personal injury claims in detail, and they will be able to help you through the process as easy as possible.

Second, an experienced personal injury lawyer will alleviate all the hassle and time that you would have had to spend in dealing with insurance companies and other parties involved. An experienced personal injury lawyer can dedicate their time to your case. Finally, personal injury claims handled by experienced personal injury lawyers generally result in greater compensation packages for you, the claimant.


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