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Workers’ Compensation Laws

Hurt on the job? Denied Compensation? Need a better doctor?  

Making a Workers' Compensation claim can be a frustrating experience that, if not carefully done, can become a nightmare—an incorrect application for benefits risk denial. An injured worker requiring extensive medical treatment and disabled from performing their job will need all benefits allowed under Georgia law. Knowing your legal rights is crucial to receive all the workers' compensation benefits you may receive. Not knowing your rights weakens your position by putting you at the mercy of your employer and the workers' compensation insurance company. You do not want to be at the mercy of the insurance adjuster when hurt and unable to provide for your family.

Injured on the job in Georgia?

At the outset of a work injury, the injured employee will confront many legal and medical issues. Typical issues faced by an injured employee are: Is my injury covered under Georgia Workers' Compensation? If so, what benefits may I receive, and when do I receive workers' compensation benefits? How do I get to see a doctor? How do I get my employer to pay for my medical treatment? What do I do if my employer sends me to a doctor who says that I did not sustain an injury? Or says that my injury is not work-related? What do I do if I cannot work, and my employer refuses to start my income benefits? And if my employer agrees to start my income benefits, when do they start? And how much am I entitled to receive?

What if my employer pays me in cash? Or if I am an undocumented worker hired to work and sustained an injury at my job? Even injured workers' paid cash and undocumented may still have a right to compensation if they have a work injury! You may always make a claim, even if working in the country without a visa. Employers having at least three employees, not otherwise excluded from coverage under the Georgia Workers' Compensation Act, must provide workers' compensation coverage even to undocumented workers.

Some very severe job-related injuries are catastrophic because the injured worker will never have the ability to work again. Catastrophic injuries provide lifetime medical and income benefits to an injured worker. The surviving spouse or dependent children of a worker whose injury causes death are entitled to workers' compensation death benefits.

When injured on the job, dealing with an insurance adjuster without legal representation is no safer than being thrown from a boat into the ocean without a life preserver. Do not drown by representing yourself in a complicated legal matter that will affect your future health and livelihood. Workers' compensation laws, rules, and regulations are complex. They would not be easily navigated by a lawyer who does not specialize in workers' compensation, nevermind an injured lay worker. Your best interests are served by having legal representation from an experienced workers' compensation attorney at Maniscalco Law, P.C. to fight for your rights. Contact a Georgia's Workers' Compensation Attorney at Maniscalco Law, P.C., if you've been injured on the job and need legal representation to fight for fair compensation for injuries.


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