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Workers' Compensation

Georgia law protects workers who are injured on the job. That is the simple story.  The truth can look a lot different when you are the injured party and are not getting the compensation you deserve.  With the assistance of a Georgia's Workers Compensation Lawyer from Maniscalco Law, P.C.,  you can rest assured that all types of possible compensation for your injuries will be sought.  Many individuals that have been injured while at work do not realize that they have a right to compensation.  The legal team at Maniscalco Law, P.C. is prepared to fight for any client that has been injured on the job, and Workers' Compensation is one of the primary targets.

Workers Comp Lawyer in Georgia Fighting for the Rights of Workers

No matter your situation, you have a right to compensation for injuries suffered on the job.  Do not be pressured by your employer to hide – the story is more likely that they don't want to face the legal problems they will have when it is discovered that they have been violating the law.  No one wants to engage the company you work for in a fight, but if they do not care for their injured workers, this is not acceptable.  You have a right to be compensated.  You have devoted your life, time and energy to expanding their company, the least you could expect is compensation for injuries that you suffered while making them money.

Workers' Compensation claims can be difficult to manage for an individual.  The paperwork is confusing and you may not know all the types of claims that could be made after an injury.  Whether you were injured while driving, lifting, through equipment failures or accidents with toxic chemicals, you are entitled to be compensated for the damages you have suffered.  With a Workers' compensation lawyer from Maniscalco Law, P.C. fighting for your claim, you increase the possibility of a larger settlement for your work-related injury.


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