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Head and Brain Injuries

A traumatic brain injury has a profound impact on the lives of both the victim and their loved ones. When this injury happens at work, there are a lot of questions about the employee's rights and what compensation they may be entitled to. After seeing a doctor and receiving medical treatment, consulting with an experienced workers' compensation attorney should be your next step.

The attorneys at Maniscalco Law, P.C. are committed to providing compassionate, professional services for clients with traumatic brain injuries — and to aggressively seeking full and fair compensation for them. We can also determine if you have a potential third-party personal injury or product liability claim, which could provide compensation in addition to any workers' comp benefits. We work closely with some of the finest personal injury law firms in the city, and we can coordinate these two cases to help maximize their value.


Each Maniscalco Law workers' compensation or personal injury client starts with a call. Our legal team reviews your case and helps you determine the next course of action. Contact us now, we're here for you.